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Nurturing Excellence: Our Vision, Values, and Commitment

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Iqra Basic Sch got its name from the first word of the first revelation to the noble Prophet Muhammad (May Aah be pleased with Him) Q: 96 V1-5 which means “READ”. The school was established in 1998 in a rented apartment along Olorunshogo area of Adewole. The school started with a total of fourteen (14) pupils with the sole aim of providing sound Islamic and Western Education for Muslim children in Nigeria and other part of the world. It was a rigorous journey which Allah made easy for us.

On the 1st of October 2013, we moved from the temporary site to our permanent site at Adebayo Ojuolape Street, Islamic Village, Near Pilgrims’ Camp. Transit camp layout Ilorin and started our normal class activities on the 2nd of October 2013. With our mission and vision statement intact, we ensure our pursuit of excellence which embraces Islamic values aligned with the fundamental societal values at the core of everything we do. We nurture the development of knowledge, confidence, creativity, skis and understanding help our children develop int happy heathy, caring and successful ca and global citizens.

For over two decades, the school has acquired a great reputation for laying a solid foundation for the educational and moral development of children in her care. Many of the old pupils excelled in the secondary and tertiary institutions they attended and are now making waves in their chosen professions. We have been and rubbing shoulders with the best schools in and outside the state. We have engraved our name in the golden ink!


We set out with a mission of being a word-class institution and with a vision of imbuing children in our care with faith, knowledge, skills, vision and the determination to impact positively on their world. These Allah made possible by endowing us with a clear and energizing vision, capable, efficient, and dedicated staffs, conducive environment and goal-oriented management team.

IQRA Basic School in a Muslim faith primary where we believe that every school day counts, every child matters. Our school KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. We ensure that all children under our care are entitled to reach their highest experience success. IQRA aims to promote Islamic, spiritual and moral values based on the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon Him) to give every child the opportunity to achieve their personal best; and to develop lively constructive minds by providing individually tailored teaching media which allow spontaneity and encourage purposeful teaching and learning.

The school encourages children to take responsibility for their work and for their attitude towards others. We teach them to respect the school, other people and their property; and that they are responsible for their actions. We always appreciate parents’ support and encourage parents and children to take a full and active role in supporting the school, in order to establish an orderly, conducive and secured school environment where children are encouraged to give their best.

I say affirmatively, without iota of doubt, that our school is blessed with diligent staffs who are expertise in the field of education and who work assiduously on curriculum implementation to achieve educational aims and objectives. It is by the grace of Allah subhanah wata’ala that we have been able to achieve tremendously our aims and objectives on the children in our care. May Allah subhanah wa ta’ala accept our humble efforts and guide us in providing quality education (Ameen).

Our Dedicated Staff

Guiding Hands, Nurturing Hearts: Meet Our Committed Team
Mallam Abdulhakeem Oladimeji Ibrahim
Assistant Head Teacher
I enjoy the work I do for the school; I feel as though my work means something and I know that my work has a direct impact on the lives of the children in our care. Iqra basic accountant
Mr Salaudeen Ibrahim
Iqra basic accountant

Preparing the school record of transactions and reports has really helped in my career development in terms of making right decisions at the right time and the interactions I have had with different individuals has helped me to maintain high level of interpersonal skills.

Mallam Toliat Muhammad Jamiu
Head Of Arabic and Islamic Studies
Helping to coordinate religious activities and developing pupils spiritually has been a good feeling for me as it has also help me develop myself in all aspects