We combine both Islamic education and Western education. Nurturing Hearts and Minds: Where Montessori Excellence Meets Islamic Values

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Nurturing Knowledge, Confidence, and Character for a Bright Future

We ensure our pursuit of excellence, which embraces Islamic values aligned with the fundamental societal principles at the core of everything we do. We nurture the development of knowledge, confidence, creativity, skills, and understanding to help our children evolve into happy, healthy, caring, and successful local and global citizens

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Eid Celebrations: Festive Moments of Joy and Togetherness

Embrace the spirit of Eid with our heartwarming celebrations! From communal prayers to vibrant cultural performances, our Eid event is...
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Cultural Fair: Celebrating Unity in Diversity

Join us for a vibrant and enriching Cultural Fair, a unique event where our diverse student body comes together to...
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Sports Day: A Spirited Day of Unity and Play

Gear up for a day of excitement, teamwork, and athleticism at our Sports Day event! Students will participate in a...
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Our Classes


1-3 Months
In our crèche, we create a warm and secure environment where the youngest members of our community begin their educational journey. Our experienced caregivers provide individualized attention, fostering a sense of trust and gentle exploration.


3-12 Months
Our kindergarten program is where curiosity thrives and creativity knows no bounds. Guided by the Montessori philosophy, we encourage hands-on exploration, imaginative play, and the development of essential social skills.


1-3 Years
In our nursery classes, young minds embark on a journey of discovery. Here, the foundation for lifelong learning is laid as students engage with a stimulating curriculum designed to foster critical thinking and a love for learning.


3-5 Years
Our basic classes offer a structured yet engaging environment where academic excellence and character development intertwine. Here, students refine their skills, explore new horizons, and embrace the values that will shape their future.

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Unlocking Clarity: Delving into Common Inquiries and Providing Comprehensive Answers – Explore Our Frequently Asked Questions

Full-time Islamic schools are the most recent phenomenon of the Islamic education movement and represent a shift towards a more comprehensive approach towards preserving Islamic identity for the community at large, and for the children more specifically. The mission of full-time Islamic schools can be along two tracks: defensive and proactive. The defensive line strives to shield and protect the children from harmful influences that are antithetical to the Islamic system. The proactive line seeks to nurture the intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual growth of Muslim children with the hope of producing confident, competent individuals who can contribute positively without compromising their Islamic beliefs and practices.

IQRA College, Ilorin offers
⦁ Qualified and committed teachers
⦁ Low student-to-teacher ratio
⦁ High commitment to academic excellence
⦁ Arabic, Qur’an and Islamic Studies
⦁ Strong moral guidance
⦁ Parental involvement in the education process
⦁ A multi-cultural staff and student population
⦁ Affordable private education
⦁ A modern school facility
⦁ A well-rounded program including physical, intellectual, and religious stimulation

  1. Extracurricular activities:
     Educational Field Trips
  2. Science Fair
  3. Science Show
  4. Spelling Bee (English)
  5. Debates (Islamic & Academics
  6.  Career Day

At Iqra Basic School, we embrace a dynamic Montessori curriculum that emphasizes hands-on learning, critical thinking, and individualized growth. Our approach integrates Islamic values, providing a holistic and enriching educational journey.

Yes, absolutely. We take pride in offering specially designated play areas for our students. Our school features both indoor and outdoor playgrounds, designed to facilitate physical activity, creative exploration, and social interaction in a safe and nurturing environment.

We create well-balanced classroom environments where children are grouped according to their age and developmental stage. This ensures that your child will interact and learn alongside peers who are at a similar stage of growth, fostering positive social interactions and tailored learning experiences.

The well-being of your child is our top priority. If your child falls ill or gets hurt while at school, they will be promptly attended to at our school clinic by our trained staff. Rest assured, we will contact you immediately to inform you about the situation and seek your guidance on the next steps.
After school hours, we offer convenient transportation options. Your child can be transported home safely via our school bus service. Alternatively, you’re welcome to pick up your child directly from the school premises. Our priority is ensuring a seamless transition for your child from school to home, with all necessary arrangements in place.


Enriching Minds with Our Latest Stories from Iqra Basic School: From Montessori Magic to Islamic Values – A Collection of Engaging Reads. Discover Insights, Ideas, and Inspiration, Enriching Your Parenting Journey.


The best-selling point for IQRA Basic, to me, has been the successful grooming of the pupils in Qur’an recitation, which made them very eloquent at such tender ages. I have two girls of ages 6 and 9, respectively and sometimes, I marvel at, and even wonder, how it was possible to get them to such an incredible level of mastery in the recitation of the Qur’an, so early in life, more so that this was achieved alongside their regular western education. For me, this is no mean feat to attain, by any standard. I therefore congratulate the Management of the school for the laudable contribution to the development of the pupils’ spiritual beings and their humanity in general. I urge the Management to uphold the enviable standard with the goal of reaching even greater heights soon. Thank you.
Prof. Abdulwahab Olanrewaju Issa
Visiting Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Communication and Information Technology, Kwara State University, Malete, Nigeria.
Testimonies is about truth and fact as one sees it. I can attest to the fact Iqra basic in the eye of many is one of the modest schools in the city and can compete favorably well with her peers. Other schools are catching up. IQRA Basic school is one of the best schools in Kwara State. It is a discipline school. It is a school that inculcates discipline to the pupils. Most of the pupils that graduated from IQRA Basic are leading in their various secondary schools. Pupils of IQRA School are future leaders. etc.
Alhaji AbdulRasaq Giwa
professional Accountant
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